Pastor Joshua on Connecting

“In a culture of texting, Facebook, Twitter, and the like it can seem like connecting happens naturally. As you and I both know, it doesn’t; rather, it takes time, trust, and intentional decisions to step out of our comfort zones. At Chinook Assembly we want you to feel welcome to express yourself in a friendly, safe atmosphere and build relationships with people and eventually, and most importantly, a life-changed relationship with God through Jesus Christ. 

To begin with, we really want you to take your time. Build relationships, trust, and faith at a pace that is right for you. I know my wife (Pastor Kristi), and I would love a chance to build a relationship with you! We look forward to seeing you make some big steps towards that end, such as choosing to show up to things. That is a huge step of trust and we appreciate that you have chosen to take that step. Keep doing it and you will begin to see some connection begin happening. I look for you to eventually choose to join in and not only show up. It is easier to come when we are not challenged to join in with what is happening. But connection begins to grow exponentially when we jump in!

And lastly, choosing to be real with the people around you and most importantly God who knows our hearts and still loves us. Being real is the biggest step in our connecting journey, that is when we let our guard down and begin to let people and God into our lives. But don’t rush into that just yet!

We are overjoyed that you have chosen to take the first step, and we look forward to seeing the connection that happens in your life through Chinook Assembly.

We are ecstatic to meet you!”

 Pastor Joshua Seymour