Pastor Joshua on Going

I love going anywhere, really, although when I go somewhere to do something specific for other people it is much more glorious! My wife and I have been overseas and around the country doing missions work and have found that it has taken root deep inside of us. There is just something about being selfless towards the world and offering them the love of Jesus Christ, it is powerful. Maybe you know what I am talking about? 

At Chinook Assembly we find it a great joy to find ways to partner with God in missions work. Whether it be to give generously of the finances He has blessed us with, to give of our time in prayer, or our labor, sweat, and tears physically, we joyful love doing it! Making a difference in lives on a glocal (local and global) scale is very important to us, and we would love to invite you to be a part of it.

We welcome your investment in the impact we are making together at Chinook Assembly. Please pray for our efforts to reach people on a glocal scale, and we ask you to consider how you might give of yourself to make Christ known with us. 

I welcome your go partnership!

Pastor Joshua Seymour