Go Global

Go Global

At Chinook Assembly we are passionate about reaching the world with the transforming power of Christ.

We are a missionally-minded church with a deep desire to impact our world as we share Him completely. There are many opportunities at Chinook Assembly to be involved in reaching our world:


  • Missionaries – We support many missionaries as a church, do you feel called to help invest in sharing the message with the world?
  • Convoy of Hope – Feeding the hungry of the world and responding to disasters all around the world.
  • Provision International – Providing food, clothing and essentials to people all over the globe.
  • Speed the Light  – Providing equipment of all kind (cars, sound systems, bicycles, etc). to missionaries to help them share the gospel.
  • BGMC – Providing for needs of missionaries as they minister and for the needs of the community in every part of the world.
  • Light for the Lost – Printed materials such as Bibles for every language, tribe, and tongue being provided for the people of the world.


  • Missions Trips – Go on a trip to share the message of Christ and to extend Christ’s love to those who need Him desperately.

However you decide to minister, at Chinook Assembly we welcome you to join us in “Knowing Christ and Making Him Known.”CAssembly - CV - 3