Pastor Joshua on Growing

Your body grows naturally, seeds grow naturally, and so does your spiritual life! However, it is always a question of what is growing. Is it barely growing if much at all? Is it growing but it is growing with a shallow foundation? Do you have other things growing so that you can feel the strangling of your faith as it is happening?

Growth is hard work even when growth happens naturally, what you feed grows, and the depth of your root system matters! Tell any farmer and he will tell you that growth matters. And at Chinook Assembly we believe it so much we said it twice! Our vision is to know Christ, and our value is knowing Him deeply. We said it twice on purpose.

The life you have been given is valuable, just as valuable as a crop is to the farmer. We value not wasting what we have been given and learning how to live with purpose and focus on what life is all about. We take it seriously and invite you to grow with us.

Growth isn’t easy but it is our purpose just like the seed is meant to become a harvest, so we are meant to grow into what God has for us in Jesus Christ. We invest in you because Jesus did and He desires to reap what He sows in us. We welcome you to join us as we grow together into what Jesus Christ has called us to be.

Let’s grow deep together!

Pastor Joshua Seymour

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