Our Values

Our Values

Knowing Him Deeply

Vision speaks to where we are going but core values speak to who we are and how we get there. The first core value of Chinook Assembly is “knowing Him deeply,” recognizing that in every area of our lives we must be committed to spiritual growth. Jesus said many times that even though people may do many things in His name, He cared much more about the “fruit” that their lives were displaying (John 15, Matt. 7). At Chinook Assembly we value growing to reflect the character of Jesus in every facet of our lives, knowing Him in an ever-increasing way. 


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 Enjoying Him in Community

At Chinook Assembly we understand that life is meant to be done together. Building relationships at every opportunity helps us to accomplish the vision that God has placed before us, as well as providing the support system necessary to wrestle through all of life’s problems. Jesus valued community by investing in those around Him and setting a model for us to follow. Chinook Assembly is built upon the community of believers, seeking to carry each other’s burdens as well as impact the world for Christ. 


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Sharing Him Completely 

In this world that is hurting, broken, and looking for answers we recognize our responsibility to extend to the world the transforming hope of Jesus Christ. At the deepest level we desire to see everyone in our community and our world experience the message that can change their lives. We value sharing the
message as described in the Bible with completeness not lacking an understanding of the message that transforms us, and extending it to all that would receive it.