Pastor Joshua on Serving

“I have been told my whole ministry life that leadership is all about ‘having a bigger towel.’ In a world that is overcome with a ladder-like mentality it is refreshing to see Jesus stoop down and wash His disciples feet in John 13. The disciples couldn’t believe He would do that! Most days I look on in wonder to that same thing!

So why do I say that? Because in a world with CEO’s and leader’s who lead from the top we find great fulfillment and impact not in finding a bigger pedestal, but a larger towel by which we can serve. 

At Chinook Assembly we rejoice in being able to serve one another and to love each other in that way. We value being able to be like Jesus in how He leads and makes an impact. He impacted those disciples hearts that day when He chose to serve rather than Lord over them.

As a family we want to extend an invitation for you to join us in this amazing journey of purpose finding why we have been put on this earth – make Christ known. And we choose to do that by serving you, serving alongside of you, and serving on the glocal (local and global) scale. So we extend an invitation to you to grab your towel and come make an impact with us!

I am looking forward to it!”

Pastor Joshua Seymour