Hospitality Ministries

Hospitality Ministries

Hospitality Ministries

At Chinook Assembly we envision people knowing Christ and making Him known, and we believe that journey begins for many the first time they come to a church service.

They are looking to connect with God and people who will love them and care for them.

We see the impact that comes with people being friendly and extending a warm welcome to everyone who comes through the doors.

Excitement and a genuine care for people compels us to invest as a team of people in those who choose to attend Chinook Assembly.

Our hospitality team helps us to create an atmosphere where connection and relationship with God and others is cultivated and encouraged within an environment and care and kindness.

First Impressions Ministry Team

Our first impressions team are those morning people who wear smiles and enjoy being the first person to extend Christ’s love to you.

They love answering questions and providing a friendly conversation to help you feel right at home.

Our first impressions team come bearing gifts for you!

If you are a first time guest they enjoy giving out one of our Chinook Assembly coffee mugs for you to use as you wish, with a connection card for you to fill out and leave with them before you leave so we can bless you throughout the week!

Ground Breakers Ministry Team

One of the many things we value at Chinook Assembly is enjoying Christ in community, which is a fancy way of saying, “We love to enjoy God at work in our relationships.”

Which for many of us involves enjoying a cup of coffee or the like.

Another thing we value is sharing Christ completely, which is another way of say, “We want to make a difference in our world!”

Our Ground Breakers Ministry Team helps us to do both of those things.

Ground Breakers is our new coffee shop experience located just off of the main gathering area.

First time guests can choose to get a free cup of our special coffee, or like most of Chinook Assembly, you can donate an amount for a cause.

All the proceeds above cost go to missions work both locally and globally!

You can get a great cup of coffee with a purpose!

Our Ground Breakers team loves serving on a rotating basis, and never grow tired of serving coffee that impacts the world.

What about you?